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Open Calls

The Project has planned three Open Calls planned to start in M8 and end at M40, having a total budget of €3.600.00 as Funding Support to Third-Parties (FSTP).

Open Call 1 (OC#1)

Expression of Interest

Duration: M08-M19

To stimulate the engagement/ participation of potential manufacturing SMEs by expressing interest and registering as a supply value-chain actor and adopt one of the R’s. The Expression of Interest form will enable the CIRCULOOS consortium to perform matchmaking activities to help SMEs to build small consortia (2-4 entities) and apply to the Open Call 2.

No Budget is allocated to this Open Call and its program will encompass Training, Workshops and matchmaking activities. The plan is to engage at least 40 entities.

Open Call 2 (OC#2)

Demonstrators (EXDs)

Duration: M16-M33

The second open call will fund and support more than 16 demonstrators of Circular Manufacturing (CM) supply chain business models, distributed across Europe.

An average of 3 entities per project will constitute the 16 demonstrators and each one will receive funding of up to €60,000.

Open Call 3 (OC#3)

Value-chain extension & Scale-up

Duration: M30-M40

The third open call will enable the expansion of the funded CM demonstrators (OC#2) with additional manufacturing/ integrator SMEs, creating benefits to the new established value-chain.

The plan is to select 12 entities for extension and each one will receive funding of up to €60,000.