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CIRCULOOS offers a transformative opportunity towards circular economy for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)…

…where cutting-edge tools leverage the power of trusted data to build an ecosystem of collaborators where supply chains are dynamic, and optimal in terms of their impact on the environment and orchestrated end-to-end. Blockchain, DataSpaces for the Industry 4.0, Process Automation, AI-based LCA, Machine Vision and Robotics are fused together to form the machinery for this transformation.

CIRCULOOS empowers MSMEs to embark on their circularity journey, with RAMP

The project will engage the existing RAMP community to promote further collaborations in the manufacturing domain. New partnerships are supported by RAMP’s networking and platform features such as matchmaking, setting bids for the provision of services, new features supporting the collaborative, circular production and LCA calculation – all realized in this new digital ecosystem.

CIRCULOOS understands that quality and trusted data is key to choosing alternative production scenarios: Which sources do I use for my production? Does my process need to change to comply with new sources? How do I find the trade-off between cost, production delays and making greener products? CIRCULOOS tries to answer this type of question from a data-driven viewpoint and picks project pilots with leather products, plastic accessories and wood-based manufacturing as their starting points.

CIRCULOOS helps MSMEs to undercover the potential of the circular economy without large investment

RAMP and CIRCULOOS make full use of tested digital technologies to materialize this vision. They benefit from FIWARE3.0 in terms of an enriched development environment with a set of standard APIs, and open-source components that enable the full adoption of Cyber-Physical IOT technology. In addition, they benefit from employing a distributed, trusted and efficient Identity and Access management system, that together with the associated trust framework will coordinate the identities of all IoT objects and ensure trustworthy data sharing among its members, aligned with the trust framework that is being implemented in EBSI.

CIRCULOOS offers a high-quality environment and continuous upskilling opportunities. It’s about ensuring nobody lags in this fast-paced journey towards a circular economy. RAMP plays a pivotal role here, providing upskilling and reskilling through free online courses, webinars, best practice guides, and success stories gleaned from pilots and Experiments for Demonstration (EXDs).

Through open calls, manufacturing and innovation SMEs join hands to design and propose disruptive recycling, remanufacturing, and refurbishment cases, all powered by the CIRCULOOS platform and its tools. The focus will be the reusability of tools and processes, which will be emphasized by sharing these results and experiences on RAMP platform. By allocating a substantial 3.6 million Euros to open calls, CIRCULOOS believes in fostering agility and sustainability across supply chains, through innovative SMEs and startups driven by collaboration and innovation.

Among the 18 experiments that will take place, three will be used as pilots to demonstrate and validate CIRCULOOS framework. The three selected pilots are tasked with defining tool requirements and specifications and rapidly testing them with agile and flexible supply chain orchestration.

CIRCULOOS connects MSMEs with the circular manufacturing ecosystem

Boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in a newborn community requires a strong, innovative, and experimented ecosystem. The CIRCULOOS consortium coordinated by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is composed of RTOs, Digital Innovation Hubs(SuPSI, CUT, INN), industrial suppliers (EDGR, ALA, FIW, INCL), manufacturing SMEs (Fiction Factory, Contenedores LOLO, KHO, B&A, THER, CAN),  industrial clusters (Innomine, Alastria), open call managers (F6S), and dissemination and communication managers (MWCB), leveraging the existing networks and communities of these partners.


European Dynamics

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a leading Information Technologies service provider and software developer in the field of e-government, operating internationally as a group of companies, with offices and antennas in Athens, Berlin, Basel, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Nicosia, Stockholm, etc. The group designs, develops, supports and operates complex IT systems and commercialises a wide range of software products in the field of e-government, using stateofthe-art technologies.

FIWARE Foundation

FIWARE Foundation is a non-profit organization which acts as the reference body and major caretaker of the FIWARE technology, standards, community members, and overall ecosystem.

Cyprus University of Technology


Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a prime educational and research institute in Cyprus. An important parameter of the international recognition that the University enjoys is the university’s international rankings. In less than 14 years of operation, the CUT has occupied high positions in three of the most well-known international ranking lists: Times Higher Education, QS and Shanghai.

The Robotics Control and Decision Systems  Digital Innovation Hub (RCDS) of CUT ( rcdslab.org) is instrumental in the CIRCULOOS project. RCDS is the oldest Robotics laboratory in Cyprus with a record of National and EU research projects. The research focus of the laboratory is on multi-agent task planning and coordination with applications to mobile, aerial, underwater and underground robots. RCDS is part of the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Department of CUT.

Meubelfabriek Herso

Herso stands for endless (re)use. For unique products with a low footprint. Based on the idea that wood can never be wasted, we make circular floors, furniture, and interiors. Everything they make is of high quality. Looking good. For them, idealism and realism come together. In co-creation with project designers, architects, contractors, and private individuals, they deliver what they promise. From design to final product.

Innomine Digital Innovation Hub

We at innomine focus mainly on manufacturing SMEs especially in the automotive and machinery sector. Our project track record boasts cooperation with international partners with a wide network of both manufacturing companies, research organizations and specialized experts. We have means to access them, and already surveyed their needs in becoming more effective within their everyday practices (like reduce scrap rate, decrease maintenance cost, improve planning and cost control etc.) and how to manage digital transformation. 

F6S Network Ireland

F6S is the leading global startup network with more than 5 million members. The F6S name comes from shortening the six letters between F and S in the word ‘Founders’. F6S has delivered billions in growth to startup founders and their companies – working together with corporates, governments and programs in the global startup ecosystem.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Mobile World Capital Barcelona


Fundació Mobile World Capital Foundation (MWCapital) is a public-private foundation, and the umbrella organization for Barcelona Digital Talent (BDT), established in 2012 in Barcelona. They aim to drive the mobile and digital transformation of society while helping improve people’s lives globally. The Board of Trustees of MWCapital is composed of the Spanish Government, the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Hall, the GSMA (representing the interests of mobile networks operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with almost 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem).

Consorcio RED Alastria

Alastria is one of the largest public-permissioned, multi-sector blockchain platforms in the world. It has over 500 members of different sizes and from various sectors, including business (micro-enterprises, SMEs and large companies), academia (universities, business schools, training centres, and technology and science parks) and government. Alastria is a neutral meeting point for responsible, trusted and regulation-aligned knowledge generation, innovation and blockchain development; a place to boost the digital economy by promoting decentralised technologies and the use of blockchain.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland


SUPSI conducts research in various areas, ranging from collaborations with companies to international projects in significant fields. The Sustainable Production Systems (SPS) Lab, part of SUPSI’s Department of Innovative Technologies, is instrumental in the CIRCULOOS project. With 42 employees, SPS manages a BSc in industrial engineering and two Master Research Units, engaging in numerous national and European projects. Annually, it invests about 2M CHF in research, focusing on sustainability in manufacturing to drive strategic innovation and develop sustainable strategies, performance metrics, and technologies.


Thermolympic is a family-owned plastic injection molding company founded by Urbano Millán in Utebo, Spain, in 1991. Originally focused on household goods, it later diversified into serving various industrial sectors. In 2001, leadership transitioned to Urbano’s son, Jorge Millán, who became Director of Operations, and Rebeca Millán took on the role of financial manager in 2010. The family values collaboration and has found success in both their personal and professional lives. They are currently planning for the future with a family protocol.


Founded in 1927 as the “Merkur” bag factory in Bačka Palanka, Serbia, Khoani has transformed over the years. In 1989, it was co-founded by Géza Blázek and Anna Erős. In 2008, János Kamu took the reins. In 2021, Khoani repositioned itself with a clear vision: to provide storytelling, fun design, and sustainability in one product. Its mission is to create bags for life, emphasising sustainability, personalised design, and quality at fair prices. Khoani represents the power of individuals who aim to educate customers about conscious consumption. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

B&A Bordiszmu

Established in 2015, this company stands as one of the pioneering light industry manufacturers in the Pécs agglomeration, building on the heritage of the former Pécs Tannery and Pécs Gloves Factories in the local craft leather industry. They specialize in crafting various products and clothing accessories using materials such as leather, felt, textiles, and artificial leather. Notably, the company has formed a strategic partnership with Khoani Ltd. and actively collaborates with other light industrial firms, solidifying its presence in the industry. 

Canonical Robots

A collaboration between humans and robots is a term used to describe any robot that works in cooperation with a human as a coworker. The phrase ‘Cobot‘ is short for Collaborative Robot. The new generation of HRC Cobots enables operators and robots to work together in perfect harmony without the need for safety fences and costly protection. We can configure collaboration systems according to the technical standards ISO 10218-2: 2011 and ISO/TS 150: 66, which are the ISO safety standards for collaborative robots.


We provide a practical implementation of circular vision and ambitions. Our circular specialists explore valorization routes for residual streams, offer advice on efficient resource management, and work on building circular raw material chains.

Contenedores Lolo

Recycle, Reinvent, and Reuse. Contenedores y Reciclajes Lolo is a leading company in the recycling sector, providing its services since 2001. Contenedores y Reciclajes Lolo is a forward-thinking company in the recycling industry that has been offering its services since 2001. Their commitment to the principles of recycling, reinventing, and reusing materials underscores their dedication to sustainable practices.

ITI Magyarország


ITI Hungary Ltd., established in July 2015, is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, with the name ITI representing “Intelligent Technology and Infrastructure.” Specializing in a diverse range of services, including professional advice on city development, renewable energy consulting, IT and software development consultancy, and tax advice, the founding members bring extensive expertise to these domains.

Fiction Factory

Fiction Factory makes whatever you can imagine exhibitions, shop interiors, offices and restaurants, and complicated one-off productions and stands. We make these for architects and designers. In addition, we make furniture in our workshop in Amsterdam that we believe in. Plus, a unique, movable house, the Wikkelhouse. We have the ambition to do all this as sustainably as possible, and we are currently developing strongly in sustainable and circular projects.


The aim is to adopt open innovation practices and processes in order to highlight how digital technologies can contribute to society resulting in a significant impact. Open innovation mainly includes activities that ensure the sustainability of society but also those that are needed for enlargement, escalation and dissemination and diffusion in larger populations. These include designing business models that focus on providing incentives and means for people to mobilize and engage actively in innovative activities. This approach, which encourages a massive, bottom-up and open social innovation, contributes to the rapid achievement of social impact and long-term sustainability.