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10 good reasons for Manufacturing SMEs to adopt the circular economy principles in Europe

The European Union took a series of actions promoting the transition to a carbon-neutral, resource efficient, and competitive economy and helping industries to adopt the circular economy principles.   The impact of industrial massive production has caused severe damage to the planet, and human influence on climate change has been scientifically proved by observing thousand […]

5 Actions for businesses in the circular economy sector

How circularity enablers can be applied in practice by businesses? This is one of the key issues that have been tackled recently by the CIRCULOOS’ partner, INNOMINE. This transformation process of existing (or new) businesses towards more circular practices was identified by Dilmegani (2022) and has been summarized in five main points below.1   Design an […]

Circular economy’ good practices in the manufacturing sector.

When the industry foster opportunities to positively impact the world Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises must be empowered to adopt circular economy concepts by designing products that positively impact the world.     Adopting a circular economy in the manufacturing sector still has a long way to go, but progress is being made, and big companies […]