CIRCULOOS at the Digital Enterprise Show 2024

The CIRCULOOS project was showcased at the Digital Enterprise Show #DES2024, on behalf of the project’s partner Alastria, held from June 11th to 13th in Malaga, Spain. It provided a great opportunity to raise awareness about the CIRCULOOS project, its mission, progress, and the current call for Expression of Interest.

Sustainability was high on the event’s agenda, with a series of high-level speakers reflecting on how technologies such as blockchain, AI, cloud, data, etc., can contribute to achieving ESG goals in different industries.

The Expression of Interest engaged supply chain actors across various manufacturing industries to form innovative circular supply chains, adopt circular practices, and validate new business models that improve circularity indexes. More information about the EOI and how to apply can be found on the CIRCULOOS Open Calls page.

The Role of Alastria in CIRCULOOS

Alastria, a non-profit consortium, is a key player in the CIRCULOOS project, providing expertise in developing and promoting blockchain-based tools. Their involvement ensures a robust and efficient digital infrastructure for the project. Alastria’s blockchain networks facilitate the integration of various stakeholders, promoting scalability and adaptability across different industries and regions. They also work on designing and implementing circular economy tokenization models to improve trust and collaboration between stakeholders.

About the Digital Enterprise Show

DES is a global event that brings together leading international tech companies to drive the world’s business digital transformation. The event showcases solutions and products in areas such as the Cloud, Internet of Things, Social Business, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile, and the new job positions in the digital era.

More than 17,000 international digital leaders, 450 international experts, and over 400 exhibiting firms attended the event, sharing their expertise and innovations linked to disruptive technologies.