CIRCULOOS First Expression of Interest Webinar Recap

On June 19th, CIRCULOOS hosted a webinar to discuss the benefits of participating in the CIRCULOOS Expression of Interest. The session was attended by 32 participants and covered the objectives, guidelines, and scope of the upcoming CIRCULOOS Open Calls. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch it at the CIRCULOOS Open Calls page for more information.

The webinar began with an introduction to the CIRCULOOS project. Supported by European Dynamics, the project includes 3 rounds of open calls. During the session, the challenges of the circular economy, the need for innovative supply chain collaborations, and complex strategies involving recycling, refurbishing, and remanufacturing were discussed. The role of new actors, such as recyclers and upcyclers, in forming efficient supply chains was also highlighted.

Project objectives include developing reference architectures and digital tools to support new supply chain models, implementing process optimization tools and data spaces for SMEs, assessing circular indexes of products and processes, utilizing blockchain for data security, and validating tools through large-scale pilots and experiments.

The webinar concluded with a successful Q&A session, where participant questions about the eligibility of activities, the role of Digital Innovation Hubs, and the flexibility in consortium composition were addressed. Detailed information for those who missed the webinar is available on the CIRCULOOS Open Calls page. Stay tuned for future webinars on the CIRCULOOS Open Calls!