Innovation and Inclusivity: Anastasia Garbi’s Perspective from CIRCULOOS on Women Leading in Tech, MWC24 Highlights

Last February 2024, members of the CIRCULOOS consortium attended the 2024 edition of the Mobile World Congress, the largest and most influential connectivity event taking place every year in Barcelona.

CIRCULOOS was represented by Anastasia Garbi, director of R&D at Euro Dynamics, the company coordinating the project, during a panel discussion dedicated to Women leading in industry. Discussions were based on the results obtained from Cristina Oyón work with the working group Women in Manufacturing. The Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability presented recommendations in white papers to encourage attraction, thrive and leadership of women in the manufacturing industry during the EFFRA event. 

Women leading in industry

Together with represented of the EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Manufacturing, she shared some insights on her professional experience of being a woman within a sector too often led by men. During the session, mention was made of various projects that are helping women gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead organisations.  

When discussing the impact of women in the industry, Anastasia Garbi shared her thoughts on the topic:  

 “I think they can be a game-changer, they can change the status quo because they have some specific abilities. Studies have demonstrated that women possess greater creativity, more innovative thinking, and enhanced problem-solving skills. When putting these aspects together, we can see that in certain industries, they have shown less risk-averse activities, thereby enhancing profitability. They are generating novel ideas and products that underscore their creative skills. All these contributions are beneficial for the company, so women can empower the whole industry because they bring all these diverse skills” 

The session concluded with networking. This allowed all attendees to engage directly with the speakers, share insights, and foster new professional relationships.