CIRCULOOS was at Madeira Digital Transformation Week

CIRCULOOS Project participated in the Madeira Digital Transformation Week, which took place from June 20-28, 2024. Our partners SUPSI and INNOMINE represented the project at this event held in Funchal, the island of Madeira (Portugal). The event provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative approach to evaluating circular economy practices in the industry.

SUPSI’s main goal at the conference was focused on evaluating CIRCULOOS pilots from environmental and circularity perspectives, providing essential data to support companies in optimizing resources and improving environmental performance.

During the Madeira Digital Transformation Week, SUPSI presented their research on circular economy practices. They highlighted the need to shift from the current linear economic system to a circular economy, which aims to reduce natural resource consumption and improve recycling efforts.

SUPSI discussed their innovative approach using a questionnaire-based methodology to evaluate business model transformations needed for adopting circular practices. They emphasized the importance of R-strategies (recycling, reuse, repair, remanufacturing, redesign) and the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) to assess environmental, social, and economic impacts. Additionally, SUPSI provided detailed case studies in the plastic, leather, and wood sectors to demonstrate the practical applications and challenges of implementing circular economy strategies, offering valuable insights for stakeholders committed to enhancing sustainability and circularity in their operations.

INNOMINE also made a significant contribution by representing CIRCULOOS at the event. They delivered a presentation on the project and participated in a roundtable discussion with other key I4MS/manufacturing stakeholders. INNOMINE focused on cooperation opportunities, emphasizing the potential for collaboration on open calls and leveraging external evaluators. They also promoted the “CIRCULOOS Expression of Interest”, the first open call of the project, which garnered significant interest from multiple stakeholders, especially Digital Innovation Hubs.

By sharing the Project with the scientific community, we hope to guide decision-makers in advancing the sustainability and circularity of current business models.

About the Madeira Digital Transformation Week

Madeira Digital Transformation Week is a significant event that brings together academia, policymakers, and industry stakeholders. It features conferences, workshops, and networking sessions focused on digital transformation across various sectors.