CIRCULOOS Project’s First Consortium Meeting

On March 20-21, 2024, CIRCULOOS had its first consortium meeting, held in Zaragoza, Spain, at Thermolympic’s office. This meeting was a crucial step for CIRCULOOS, bringing all partners together to discuss the project’s progress and plans. 

The two-day gathering focused on reviewing our current status and strategizing for future activities. Workshops were a major part of the event, where we made important technical decisions and planned the deployment of our upcoming open call. 

A significant part of our meeting was visiting Thermolympic’s factory. This gave all the consortium partners a clear view of how circular manufacturing processes are being implemented, essential for the CIRCULOOS project’s goals. 

The consortium meeting in Zaragoza was important for setting the project’s direction. With discussions and insights, we’re more prepared to help micro, small, and medium-sized production companies redefine their supply chains through circular economy practices.