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CIRCULOOS empowers MSMEs for Circular Economy Success with Sustainable Solutions

The European-funded project CIRCULOOS enables micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to transition towards a circular economy, providing tools to orchestrate and optimize the end-to-end supply chain. The entire life cycle of products is covered for sustainable production across disruptive circular manufacturing processes. 

CIRCULOOS offers a transformative opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) as they embark on their journey towards a circular economy. 

Applying circular economy principles across the EU economy can potentially increase EU GDP by an additional 0.5% by 2030 creating around 700,000 new jobs according to the Circular Economy Action Plan (European Commission, 2020). CIRCULOOS is focused on accelerating the digitalization of the manufacturing industry, adopting circular business models and offering sustainable products/services.

By equipping MSMEs with cutting-edge tools, CIRCULOOS enables the orchestration and optimization of the supply chain from end to end. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire life cycle of products is addressed, promoting sustainable production through innovative and disruptive circular manufacturing processes.

CIRCULOOS and RAMP empower MSMEs to become more sustainable, agile and resilient

The project will build on the existing RAMP IOT and marketplace platform for Manufacturing SMEs, to set up production and execution processes across the supply chain in a collaborative approach. It will leverage modules for intelligent production, sustainability assessment and trustworthy data sharing.

CIRCULOOS understands that quality data is the key to navigating through alternative scenarios. Decision-making among several alternative scenarios requires quality end-to-end data, comparable results, and rapid response.

RAMP and CIRCULOOS benefit from FIWARE3.0 in terms of the enriched development environment with a set of standard APIs, and Open-Source components that enable the full adoption of Cyber-Physical IOT technology.

But what is RAMP?

RAMP is your one-stop destination for all things Manufacturing, connecting a diverse network of SMEs, service providers, robotics integrators, software systems developers, Research organizations and Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe. With our extensive features, RAMP is your gateway to collaboration, innovation, and growth.

We are thrilled to announce the grand launch of RAMP 2.0 – the ultimate platform for Manufacturing, Robotics, Software/Hardware, and more! With a fresh new look and enhanced features, we’re on a mission to empower even more organizations and individuals within our dynamic ecosystem.

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Explore what RAMP offers for you:

For Manufacturers:

Our platform caters to manufacturers with a suite of essential features, including:

  • Catalogue of Manufacturing SMEs and Service Providers: Find providers according to criteria such as needed, services, industry, expertise, and country.
  • Catalogue of Software/Hardware Components: Find solutions to solve problems in your production.
  • Data Visualization: Access data visualisations online. Cut the time and costs of identifying your weaknesses by sharing data with service providers.
  • Service Request Tool: Just submit your problem. RAMP will find you a service provider to address it.
  • New and upcoming: RAMP IoT platform, Data storage, Web Desktop, Events.

 For Service Providers:

  • Join a network of DIHs and manufacturers who already started or are cooperating to build up, finance and test the solutions for automating and digitising the manufacturing lines. RAMP offers you:
  • Catalogue of Manufacturing SMEs and Service Providers: Advertise services and industry expertise and gain access to manufacturers.
  • Catalogue of Software/Hardware Components: Offer solutions to a wide European market.
  • Docker Registry: Cut the time and costs of deploying solutions to your customers by using an online docker repository as as-a-service with private share capabilities.
  • Service Request Tool: Find new challenging problems collected by a wide community of stakeholders to solve.
  • New and upcoming: RAMP IoT platform, Data storage, Web Desktop, Events

For DIHs/Manufacturing associations/Competence centres:

Embrace cutting-edge tools and resources:

  • Showcase your expertise: Connect with manufacturers, service providers, and innovators to elevate your DIH’s services in your region.
  • Expand your network: Join a thriving community of like-minded innovators, share your capabilities, and discover exciting collaborations.
  • New Horizons: We’re rolling out specialized tools tailored to your unique needs soon, enhancing your capabilities and staying at the forefront of digital innovation.
  • New and upcoming: RAMP IoT platform, Data storage, Web Desktop, Events

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For Manufacturers:

  • Free data visualization dashboard for your existing data

For Service Providers:

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For DIHs:

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Join this ever-expanding community and tap into the limitless opportunities RAMP offers. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking for partners, a service provider seeking new clients, a developer with innovative solutions, or simply a passionate user, RAMP is designed with you in mind.

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CIRCULOOS helps MSMEs to undercover the potential of the circular economy without large investment

A high-quality environment and continuous upskilling opportunities will be offered. It’s about ensuring nobody lags in this fast-paced journey towards a circular economy. RAMP plays a pivotal role here, providing upskilling and reskilling through free online courses, webinars, best practice guides, and success stories gleaned from pilots and Experiments for Demonstration (EXDs).

Through open calls, manufacturing and innovation SMEs join hands to design and propose disruptive recycling, remanufacturing, and refurbishment cases, all powered by the CIRCULOOS platform and its tools. By allocating a substantial 3.6 million to open calls, CIRCULOOS believes in fostering agility and sustainability across supply chains, through innovative SMEs and startups driven by collaboration and innovation.

Among the 18 experiments that will take place, three will be used as pilots to demonstrate and validate CIRCULOOS framework. The selected three pilots in the wood, leather, and plastic sectors have the mission to drive requirements and tools specifications and early test them with Agile and flexible supply chain orchestration. Technologies such as Digital Twin or robots will be used to integrate a circular economy vision in every step of the supply chain.

CIRCULOOS connect MSMEs with the circular manufacturing ecosystem

Boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in a newborn community requires a strong, innovative, and experimented ecosystem. CIRCULOOS consortium coordinated by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is composed of RTOs, DIH (SuPSI, CUT, INN), industrial suppliers (EDGR, ALA, FIW, INCL), Manufacturing SMEs (FactoryFicton, Contenars LOLO, KHO, B&A, THER, CAN),  Industrial cluster (Innomine, Alastra), Open call (F6S), and Dissemination and Communication managers (MWCB).

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