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Introducing our project coordinator EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

Anastasia Garbi and Themis Kolyvas are the CIRCULOOS Project Coordinator at EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) EUROPEAN DYNAMICS specializes in delivering cutting-edge Information Technologies services and software solutions for e-government applications, operating on a global scale with a network of offices in cities including Athens, Berlin, Basel, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Nicosia, Stockholm, and more. The company […]

CIRCULOOS has just started a new collaboration with the Reincarnate project

What is the Reincarnate project about, could you describe it briefly? Reincarnate is an ambitious European project that aims to enable the European construction industry to significantly reduce construction and demolition waste (CDW) by providing social means and technical solutions. Throughout four years, our consortium of 16 organizations including SMEs, large industries, RTOs and higher […]